Biotech Booster

Biotech Booster is a national program to support commercialization of biotechnology findings in The Netherlands. This National Growth Fund (NGF) supported program builds on collaborating intensely between all relevant public and private partners in biotechnology.

The Biotech Booster program offers mentorship, financial support and networking opportunities, to guide founders from the idea stage to developing an investable/commercial proposition. Biotech Booster is an excellent opportunity for scientists and entrepreneurs in the biotech sector to valorize their ideas and grow a successful business. The ultimate goal is to make sure that the benefits of biotechnology will have more and faster impact on society. To establish expert guidance we created five Thematic Clusters (TC’s) following Biotechnological focus areas: White: Industrial Biotechnology & Production (TC 1); Green: AgroFood biotechnology (TC 2); Red: human health, diagnostics, therapeutics (TC 3, 4 & 5). Each level 1 project will work with the best fitting TC.
Biotech Booster program

In Level 0 the business developer and the founder will generate the project idea together.

In Level 1, five Thematic Clusters (TC’s), together encompassing the whole biotech spectrum, facilitate collaboration, connect people and provide financial support to early ideas to reach proof of principle.

In Level 2, seasoned biotech entrepreneurs will select the best ideas for the Biotech Innovation Program (BIP), where projects are developed and supported to grow into robust and investable proposals with a balanced team. This team, having a majority of entrepreneurs, will function as a virtual board of the project,. Together with the founder(s) the project will be accelerated into proof of concept.

In Level 3, successful projects from the earlier phase can generate revenues through a scale-out deal. BIP and a panel of entrepreneurs will negotiate follow-on investments and pave the way to impact. The result can be the founding of a start-up, a license deal or an asset sale.